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Iceland Part 2

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Iceland Part 2 (Waterfalls & Mythology) ICELAND DAY 4 Waking up early because “sleeping in” is for the weak and lazy… Hit the road and see more of Iceland… A slightly bumpy road, but the views were to die for. Our journey would take us down to the south. Past some famous waterfalls to one

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Iceland Part 1

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Iceland Part 1 (Land of Fire and Ice) Since the time of Papar and Leif Erikson Iceland has seen its share of visitors. In the tradition of the Norse adventurers, Four Friends embarked on their own saga. Our sights set on the small island nation, that saddles the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean. In true Four

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Tanzania, Safari Adventure

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Tanzania, Africa Day 0.5 Arusha After a long travel day, we were finally in Tanzania. Seeing someone holding our name card at the arrival gate was a welcome sight. Normally tourists have to clear immigration and customs before meeting a guide. However in this situation we were greeted before clearing the checkpoints. The gentleman introduced

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Bwindi, Uganda

View our suggested travel itinerary here “Good morning this is your captain speaking.  This morning our flights will feature delays…  many delays. Eventually we will arrive in our final location Kihihi Uganda, but it may take some time.” Our flight from Nairobi to Entebbe had changed several times in the lead up to the trip.

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Far North Queensland

View our suggested travel itinerary here Far North Queensland As we descended towards Cairns airport, we were overcome by the stunning vistas framed by our airline porthole. The vibrant colours and glistening water danced to rhythmic spectrums of blues and turquoise. At that moment the excitement escalated. We exchange glances and although unspoken, we can

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Kauai Hawaii, USA

Hawaii, oh Hawaii. Who has not dreamt of a paradise getaway?  Oahu, Kauai, Com’on you wanna lei me? We have been fortunate enough to visit this remote part of the North Pacific previously, namely the Island of Oahu, but this time needed to be different. Whilst planning this trip, high on the list was a

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London, England


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