Bahia Hotel & Beach Club 

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Bahia Hotel & Beach Club 

Bahia Hotel & Beach Club 

Av. El Pescador, s/n, El Medano, 23453 Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico


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1 block from Medano beach, we couldn’t have asked for a better location!

Bahia Beach Club Hotel is a very stylish boutique hotel close to all the restaurants that line the beachfront. Walking in and the bar/restaurant area was absolutely packed which to us was a good sign of things to come.  On the way to our room they had hammocks lined up in the walkway, a perfect place to chill and catch a nice cool breeze.  Pendant lights also adorned the walkways and threw out light and shadows in may differing patterns.


We were on the ground floor and the rooms were well furnished with views looking out at the pool, there is a small kitchenette area with a microwave, bar fridge. The room had hand trowelled concrete floors and counter tops, plus built-in plastered bench seating and shelves that added to the boutique Mexican charm.  The bed was quite high, but comfy nonetheless.  The bathroom was concrete with a natural rain shower and the toiletries provided were lovely.


Unfortunately, there are mixed reviews online regarding the friendliness of the staff. We are happy to say we found them very accommodating and friendly.


We had one morning which was dedicated to the pool, we took advantage of the swim up bar, the great pizzas, the Guacamole and tortilla chips and let’s not forget the cocktails! Being on the ground floor we could walk straight into our room from the pool, this was an added luxury.

This hotel was a lucky find and very glad we had the opportunity to stay here, as the staff, the food, the atmosphere…..everything was exceptional.

Our review is based on our stay New Years Eve 2014-2015.


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March 11, 2018at 1:55 am

Although there were mixed reviews, it’s good to hear that your reviews were positive. I love swim up bars and being on the ground floor is super convenient 🙂


March 11, 2018at 2:18 am

The hotel looks very intriguing and with your positive review, definitely a place I am marking down for future reference. Thanks for sharing.


March 11, 2018at 4:03 am

Good to know that Bahia chain delivers in Mexico too! I was staying in Bahia in Samana, DR and was very satisfied. I guess they do their guacamole everywhere excellent, as I remember it being delicious in DR 🙂 Looking forward to going to Cabo soon, so maybe will consider this hotel. Btw. I like your website a lot. 👍 Thanks for sharing this post !

Ashley Fields

March 11, 2018at 5:04 am

I basically just want to be there right now. The hotel looks beautiful and those pizzas look choice! It’s always nice when you can have a positive experience after reading a negative review online. Where are you headed next?


March 11, 2018at 8:40 am

Cabo looks amazing! Will keep this hotel in mind if I ever get to go!


March 11, 2018at 6:57 pm

Bahia Hotel & Beach Club Sounds like an amazing spot. It seems like you had the prefect room., the ground floor can be great for many reasons and you seems to have taken advantage of it. A swim is bar is a bonus. I love chips and guacamole. I will be sure to find it the next time I’m there.


March 13, 2018at 12:12 am

Looks like a wonderful place to stay, and being able to walk straight into your room from the pool sounds like a big plus!

Mei and Kerstin

March 13, 2018at 8:52 pm

Hotel staff do change, so it’s good to know that those you met while staying in this hotel were nice. Thanks for this review, we’ll certainly consider staying there when we travel to Cabo San Lucas. 🙂


March 14, 2018at 12:10 pm

Wow sounds like a nice stay. I especially love the idea of being able to walk out of your room and you are already at the pool. A nice way to spend your time.

Anja Ben

March 15, 2018at 8:59 am

It’s always good to be pleasantly surprised when the reviews are mixed! 🙂 The rooms look really comfy and the view of the pool calming.


March 16, 2018at 2:10 am

That pool looks divine, and I would definitely love the natural rain shower (and cocktails, too)!

Cristina Luisa

March 16, 2018at 3:07 am

I normally don’t stay at resort-type hotels, but this one looks lovely! Swim-up bars are THE coolest invention, in my opinion. Did you get to explore much of Cabo or anywhere else nearby in Mexico?


March 16, 2018at 4:55 am

When I travel, I usually go for homestays or guesthouses. But this one looks really inviting 🙂 And I tend to ignore reviews about staff, as those can be very subjective 🙂


March 30, 2018at 1:48 am

interesting! I have so many options for Mexico now. Looks very comfortable.

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