Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel

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Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel

Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel

The Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel is a world renown destination and for good reason.

240 Grindavík, Iceland


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A stay at the Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel was a great way for us to end our time in Iceland, but definitely wish we had longer.  From the moment we checked in it really felt like we were at an exclusive luxurious hotel.

If you want the crowds you can move to the main Blue Lagoon after 5 pm using your complimentary free pass, but we opted for the peacefulness and exclusiveness of this pool. They provide you with flip flops, bathrobes and floating rings.  It was a truly magical and unique experience, where else can you treat yourself to a white silica mud mask?  The only word we could use to describe this experience – surreal.

Whilst this hotel may seem isolated, it is the perfect way to end your vacation in Iceland given its amenities and proximity to the airport.


All rooms offer a glazed wall and with an external door for you to take in the views.  The shower room was amazing, from all of the hotels we have stayed in, this room was by far the largest and best designed.  Every bit of furnishing used in the room was a perfect fit and with only 35 rooms on offer, this really was the exclusive stay we wanted.


The staff were friendly and accommodating.  The entire place has a very peaceful spa feel and the calmness of the staff reflects that also.


The Clinic offers a beautiful surrounding of moss covered rocks with its own private geothermal pool for guests only.  While there is no bar at the pool, they do have people on standby ready to take your drinks order. Unfortunately, there is no restaurant here so you will need to make your way to the Lava restaurant (reservations only) down the path at the main Blue Lagoon.  Breakfast (continental only) was traditional and lovely, with plenty of cold cuts of meat, cheese, skyr yoghurt, salmon, wholegrain bread, fruit salad and unlimited flavoured water, tea and coffee.

Our review is based on our stay March 2016.


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Accommodation Globe FullAccommodation Globe FullAccommodation Globe FullAccommodation Globe Full Accommodation Globe Full


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Danila Caputo

February 26, 2018at 11:41 am

Crowds are definitely a turn off for us so we’d always opt for a place like this. Especially because it’s a bit isolated! Great tip!

Eric Gamble

February 27, 2018at 12:20 am

I too loved the Blue Lagoon as it was the perfect wrap up of all the other geothermal pools that I swam in throughout the mountains of Iceland. I hope you guys got a chance to swim in the geothermal pool in Reykavik & the first ever geothermal pool past Vik!


February 27, 2018at 4:45 am

I think this is a great place to stay in Iceland! It’s close to the airport and the Blue Lagoon is such a relaxing way to end a lovely vacation.


February 27, 2018at 4:48 pm

Never heard of Blue lagoon before. Reading this post made me decide to visit there once. Very informative post. Thanks for sharing.


February 28, 2018at 12:57 pm

That sounds like a wonderful place to chill alongside all the bustle and activity of the main Blue Lagoon. I’m loving those glazed walls. All that time in the pool chatting with friends must be wonderful too; I’m imagining you’ve talked through all kinds of important stuff while taking the waters. My goddaughter is not long back from the Blue Lagoon, and I know she had an amazing time there too.


March 1, 2018at 4:24 am

We loved our trip to the Blue Lagoon this past summer but didn’t have the chance to stay at the Clinic. It sounds amazing and relaxing. I’m wishing I could have another silica mask right now.

Emma | The Gap Life Diaries

March 1, 2018at 12:27 pm

I’ve heard really good things about Blue Lagoon – can’t wait to discover Iceland for myself soon!


March 1, 2018at 8:51 pm

wowwww what a beautiful and extra romantic place! I will put this one on my bucket list – thanks for sharing this with us :*

Renata Green

March 2, 2018at 1:21 pm

Why has everybody but me been to Iceland?! I absolutely need to go – and this place sounds like a must-experience. It’s also good that it’s close to the airport, so that it serves as a great farewell – or a pleasant welcome. I’m very much into SPAs and treatments, so….I think I already have a secret reservation.

Mel Butler

March 2, 2018at 3:12 pm

I agree going to the Blue Lagoon as your last stop in Iceland is definitely a great way to finish your trip. The Blue Lagoon Clinic sounds an amazing way to be there, it is gret to know that there is only 35 rooms to. I went to the Blue Lagoon over 10years ago now and I don’t remember the clinic being there. I wish I did though

Cristina Luisa

March 3, 2018at 1:03 am

The Blue Lagoon was one place I didn’t go when I was in Iceland, simply because I was traveling solo and it seemed too touristy/awkward to go alone. I didn’t even know about the Clinic! It sounds like you had a fantastic time. “Surreal” is definitely an appropriate word to describe Iceland.


June 6, 2018at 9:59 pm

[…] booked ourselves into the Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel which is a just ten-minute walk from the Blue Lagoon. The hotel offers its own private bathing […]

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