The Standard HIGH LINE

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The Standard HIGH LINE

The Standard HIGH LINE, New York

848 Washington St, New York, NY 10014, USA


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This hotel was recommended to us by a friend and, my goodness, we were glad we listened and stayed here.  From check in to check out, our experience was impeccable.

This hotel has a certain buzz and is definitely suited to a younger crowd.  The front desk staff were very accommodating and friendly and we got an upgrade which was lovely.  The elevator up to the room had a great video art piece and the hall was all mirrored.

Offers easy walking to the West Village with plenty of restaurants and bars close by.


Our rooms had stunning views of the Hudson River and the Financial District, with floor to ceiling windows. The room has very little storage space for clothes, but given it is NY we expected it. Bathroom has a freestanding bath and the quality of the toiletries are amazing.


We walked into the Standard up to reception desk and we were greeted with a big smile. The lady that served us was very helpful and gave us a complimentary room upgrade which we quite happily accepted. Everywhere we turned each staff member is smiling, accommodating and helpful, what more can you ask for?

We had a couple of meals at the hotel and nothing short of amazing, the service again was spot on. We genuinely think they really love working there, they love interacting with the people that stay there from all over the world.

If you stay here, you will not be disappointed with their staff or their customer service.


The highlight for us was the Cocktail Bar at the top of the Standard. Watching the sunset with the sweeping views over the Hudson river. The staff are attentive and they most certainly know how to make a good Amaretto Sour and an Old Fashioned.  Vades has had many an Old Fashioned in his time, and exclaimed this was the best one ever!  We started our night here, before making our way downstairs to the Standard Grill for dinner.

From the moment we walked in we received immaculate service and the food was equally matched. Being our last night together we went all out, having ordered scallops, oysters, steak, you name it, we ordered it. Everything was cooked to perfection and not one complaint came out from our mouths, this night was perfect.

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Breakfast was delightful, nothing stands out here, but nothing to complain of either.

We have found our ‘Go-To’ hotel for NYC.  

Our review is based on our stay Jan 2015.

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