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How to Travel with Friends

So you want to know the secret and how you can travel with friends?

“We are Four Friends One World. We believe life is about creating experiences and the pursuit of adventure. Richness is derived from embracing adventure and growing together from the shared experiences. Why walk the world in another person’s shoes when you can walk alongside them and see the world through their eyes.” Four Friends One World

The idea of traveling with friends can be very appealing.  Obviously you like your friends, otherwise, you would not classify them as such.

However, you must remember the benefits of traveling with friends go hand in hand with the risks. To put it another way, just because you enjoy hanging out or connecting regularly with your friends, does not mean you will maintain that positive relationship on an extended 24/7 basis.

Most vacations will see you spending every hour of every day for 1 or more week/s together. So what tips do the four friends have to help you keep things harmonious and fun?

We know that some people simply cannot travel in groups, whether it be the inability to let go of total control, or not wanting to upset others by speaking up about what they want to do.  Fortunately, for our Four Friends to travel it is effortless and enjoyable.  So we are constantly asked how do we make it work? The answer is quite simple really, just as it is in marriage – communication and compromise is the key.  

It would be fair to say that we are like minded and have been friends for a very long time.  We are all easy going and aligned with our interests, we generally want to see and do similar things and we trust one another.  One key component is we are al motivated to experience our travels to the fullest, We aren’t people who sleep in or spend weeks lounging by the pool, and thus optimizing time to get out there and see everything we want.  Our holidays so far have all included 2 or more cities (or countries) and to keep things fair each couple will take it in turns to plan sightseeing. It might be a Day by Day plan, or a destination by destination plan.  This allows each couple to take the lead while the other couple can sit back and relax.

As the years have rolled on and we have, oh dear, gotten older (maybe wiser?). The things we want to do have changed.  When we first started traveling we wanted big nights out whereas now, we prefer a really beautiful dinner, some great wine, conversation and to call it a night well before 1am.  We do like different activities and experiences. We take two strategies when our interests and desires diverge. Firstly we agree to try something different for the sake of a great group experience. Secondly, we decide that the divide in the activity is to wide to compromise on and we separate for the day to experience different activities.  While the second situation is very rare, it should not be viewed as a failure. We love to push each other to experience new things. But true friends understand that everyone has limits and there should be no judgment or animosity when we separate. 

We feel extremely blessed that we have friends who we can share the adventure with.  There has never ever been one fight, one argument or not even a temper raised.  We haven’t even complained behind one another’s back, you might call it lucky – we call it friendship, respect, and love.  

Where are we heading next?

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