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7 Easy Packing Tips For A Great Vacation

Packing for a trip is a very personal task. It is also dependant on where you are travelling and the activities you have planned while you are there. There are some basic packing tips that can assist any traveller in getting great results in all situation.  Some of our favourite tops are listed below.

Always check your airline rules and regulations before you pack. As a general rule for carry on luggage, liquids must be less than 3.4oz or 100ml in a resealable clear plastic container

There are many schools of thought on the best techniques for packing.  Below are some considerations we always take when we pack:

1. Roll To “Rock It”

We often travel with just Carry On Luggage. This saves time at airports and gets us out for sightseeing faster.  This mean space optimisation is vital. Although hotly debated, we feel that rolling fits the most in small spaces. Keep the roles as tight as possible by pushing against the floor when rolling. It can be tempting to do it on the bed, but a hard surface will achieve better results. We also use travel pouches.  It makes the smaller items easier to roll and keeps them organised.

Many hotels have in-house laundry services.  We rarely take advantage of these (mainly because of the high cost). However, we almost use take the laundry bags provided. They are very useful for collecting dirty laundry and most are equipped with air holes that allow for efficient rolling to save space.


2. Bundle The Ensemble

This technique involves folding like shaped items together. In our opinion, it is not as space efficient. But it can be great for planning your days. For example, you can fold the t-shirt you plan to wear for the day with the button up shirt you will change into that night. With advanced folding technique, a skilled folder can even get their entire days ensemble folded into one package. You do need to be organised, otherwise, you risk needing to unbundle all your packing to get to a misplaced garment.

3. Know The Rules And Regulations

Almost every airlines have different rules and regulations when it comes to check luggage allocation and carry on limits.  Research on your airline website well before packing. Just because your travel agent or online booking portal tells you something, doesn’t guarantee they are correct.

Regulations change regularly and often third parties are slow to catch up. Be diligent and safeguard yourself by confirming on the actual airline/train/bus or boat website well in advance. It could save you money, time and frustration.


4. Plastics And “Space Saver Bags”

We have tried vacuum “space saving” bags with mixed results.  Be careful when you select the brand and bag style. Some are poorly made and release their seal.

Research your destination, some country’s are banning plastic bags and space saving bags may contravene their rules and get you may get fined. This is, of course, a good thing cutting back on plastic bags is a good thing for the planet and especially our oceans. Four Friends One World supports the plastic ban movement and we recommend you do everything possible to limit the number of plastic items you travel with. When you do travel with plastics make sure they are re-usable and come back with you after your adventure.

Some countries and cities that have banned or taxes the use of plastic bags already (more being added every day so research the web before you pack)

Australia India Puerto Rico
Bangladesh Indonesia Rhode Island
Botswana Italy Rwanda
Cambodia Kenya Scotland
Cameroon Maine Seattle
England Malawi South Africa
Ethiopia Malaysia Taiwan
Germany Mali Tanzania
Hawaii Morocco Uganda
Hong Kong New York Wales

5. Get Organised And Plan Your Pack

We highly recommend planning your wardrobe in detail.  To be successful at packing enough clothes for 7 days within a regulation carry-on and personal bag you need to know what you will wear each and every day. Then only pack the items you need. Think if you have specific activities booked that require specific attire. If you are swimming, you will need a bathing suit. If you plan to eat at fancy restaurants you will need a dress and/or collared shirt and jacket. Look ahead to the weather forecast on the web. If a forecast isn’t listed far enough out. You can research the weather trends from previous years in the destinations. Most good weather websites allow you to search by location and date.

6. Disposable Wardrobe

We often pack throw away clothes when travelling with carry on only. These might be socks with holes in them, faded t-shirts or other items that are generally past their used by date. When we are done wearing they are thrown out leaving extra room for taking home items and souvenirs. You might look like a dag in a faded t-shirt while you travel, but the extra space will be welcome at the end of the trip.

7. Laundry Day

When travelling for over 7 days we often schedule a wash day. This may be booking an apartment or Air B’n’B. Or finding a laundromat that is close to our hotel.  There have even been occasions that Laundry day has turned into a travel highlight. The Vade’s were travelling in Europe and scheduled a laundry day in Berlin.  Through some research, they found a laundromat in a fashionable part of town that served beer.  Not only was the beer refreshing, but the people they watched and met were great fun. Followed by stumbling upon a great restaurant near the laundromat, the entire experience was unexpected and quite wonderful. Next time you visit Berlin why not schedule a laundry day and visit Waschsalon 115


We hope you enjoyed our packing tips. What packing tips do you have?  Share them below in the comments!

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  1. Reply

    awesome post! I am alwasy looking for ways to pack most stuff into my suitcase!! I didnt even think of countries that have banned plastic though!

    • Melanie
    • July 8, 2018

    I’ve never tried to bundle items together, I should try that next time! I’m also a fan of packing cubes!

    • Lance
    • July 9, 2018

    The rolling method is the best method. I’ve been using it since my college days. I wish we were better about planning what we pack. Packing always seems to be last minute for us. Maybe it’s time to spend a little more time planning what we’ll wear.

      • Anthony
      • July 12, 2018

      It depends on where we are going and for how long. If we are going to a special or remote location we might start packing a week or two early. If we are going on a short trip we are guilty of the night before too.

  2. Reply

    Folding is the best way to save space in your luggage! But yes, you need to be tight. I fold everything and then place that into a packing cell to keep all the clothes organised and separated from anything else in my case. It makes it easier to pack everything away too, somehow .

  3. Reply

    We used the disposable laundry trick when we hiked the Camino de Santiago this year. We brought clothes that were already on their last legs to Madrid since we had a week of exploring before we started the pilgrimage. It worked well! Thanks for all the other tips.

  4. Reply

    For a moment, I thought disposable meant disposable in the conventional way 🙂 Now that’s an idea! That apart, packing is an art and a very essential one at that. I think I am improving with each trip.

  5. Reply

    Disposable clothing … that is a new one. Typically if we are traveling carryon, we are traveling light and with wash n wear clothing that can be easily washed in a bin, basin or sink and is dry the next day. Might have to consider this idea though … could be interesting though I think we would prefer to take some clothing we might have ordinarily donated and then see about donating it as well, rather than throwing it out.

  6. Reply

    Packing is an art, isn’t it? I am trying to be more conscious about my environmental impact when travelling which means I have to remember to pack reusable bags, Tupperware, water bottles etc. Thanks for this awesome list!

  7. Reply

    I am all about the rolling it and fitting in your bags, I do it all the time. I recently started using travelling packs and they are definitely a life saver. I am organised though I do like to pack last minute so I don’t take to much.

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