Chongwe River Camp, Zambia

Chongwe River Camp offers 5 star treatment taken to a whole new level. The attention to detail is exceptional and completely unexpected.

You will find this River Camp in Zambia’s Lower Zambezi Valley and if that does not excite you enough, it borders with the Lower Zambezi National Park. Situated along the Zambezi River, you are truly spoilt with the setting.  You will be met at the airstrip by your guide, who will then take you to camp. Arriving at Camp, you will be met with Flossie and Alan who will give you a brief of the camp, the activities they have on offer which include; morning and afternoon boat cruises, day and night drives, walking safaris, or canoeing. They will be sure to cover off the activities you can and want to do.  The key here is to switch off from the rest of the world and appreciate where you are. The surroundings are so captivating that as soon you step into the Camp, you fall in love with everything you are about to experience. Not only do you have the most breath-taking views, you have hippos and elephants on your doorstep. Yes, both Elephants and Hippos have been known to visit the camp. The trees that surround the Lower Zambezi are a perfect feast for them. You easily adapt to falling asleep listening to the sounds of Hippos. It is heavenly.

This will be an unforgettable safari.

Chongwe River Camp features nine classic tents and two private tented ‘suites’. Tented suites each have a private outdoor bathroom with a shower and a freestanding bath. TIP: don’t leave toiletries out, the baboons have been known to have a gander around. The verandahs provide you with the most prodigious views across the river. Here at Camp all they want you to do is relax and enjoy just being. They want you to feel just as relaxed as you would at home, encouraging you to put your feet up. The camp offers a ‘family feel’ with communal areas where you will sit down at meal times with the other guests at one long table. Each communal area is shaded and open, letting nature just be. A campfire at night providing you a chance to sit down and share your stories with the other guests. The clear skies provide you with the brightest stars all while you have your favourite drink in hand.


The Lower Zambezi Valley is a high-end game viewing destination, providing you with a non-invasive wildlife enjoyment and low environmental impact.  In this area, there is over 500 bird species, salient flora and fauna and the miscellany of amazing wildlife (leopards, lions, hippos, elephants, giraffes). Each Chongwe River Camp guest will have their own guide (we had George). Each guide goes through a 2-year training program, ensuring that you are in trusted hands with any guide that camp has. They all work together cohesively and want you to experience everything there is to offer.

Staying here does not come cheap, but you will not leave here disappointed. In fact, you’ll probably want to sell your house and move here full time.


Our review is based on our stay in June 2018.

STAR RATING (tourism industry score):

Accommodation Star FullAccommodation Star FullAccommodation Star FullAccommodation Star FullAccommodation Star Full


Accommodation Globe FullAccommodation Globe FullAccommodation Globe FullAccommodation Globe FullAccommodation Globe Full

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