Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp, Uganda

To try and give you an idea of how delightful Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp is, Moosh cried when it was time to leave. The design and sustainable architectural practice that went into building this lodge was very well thought out. It is ecologically respectful, ensuring that it co-exists seamlessly within the National Park. It takes advantage of the mountain landscape while having dinner or enjoying a cocktail the mountain range and dense forest creates an awe-inspiring vista.

Upon arrival at the lodge, you are met by the lodge manager who will brief you on the layout, safety and the activities that you can partake in (we recommend the Community walk).


The Lodge communal area consists of a relaxed lounge, a beautifully designed dining area and a well-stocked bar…Banana Gin anyone? As great as the rooms are the communal areas allow you to enjoy the view of lush rainforest, losing yourself in nature. The central campfire provides you with a breath-taking view while you sit and swap stories with the other guests.


Dining rivals any 5-star restaurant. The local chefs create a dining experience that is homestyle and comforting, like a family meal. But also has a level of class a diner expect from a high-quality restaurant. The ingredients are gathered from local sources to promote and improve the local economy. The Chef prepared a four to five courses each evening that has local influence while being accessible to western palettes.

Each morning day you can enjoy a full English breakfast or a continental breakfast. In good preparation for a day of hiking or other adventures.

If you are taking part in activities like the Gorilla trek, the staff will pack a lunch to take with you.

Each room is provided with a private butler, who can assist guests at any time of the day. Our butler was very attentive and made us feel at home. The morning delivery of fresh and hot coffee was an especially nice way to start the day.


Looking for some romance? Ask about a candlelit dinner. The staff will be happy to serve dinner on your private deck.

The accommodations consist of 8 tents, each with a private deck, stonewalled bathroom and a freestanding bath. Great for a long soak after a gruelling Gorilla trek. The tent accommodations sit comfortably at the intersection of glamping and rustic eco-tourism. Furniturished from natural materials the design reminds you that wilderness is at your doorstep, complementing surroundings while having the comforts of home.

Sitting on your private deck, sipping a morning coffee while the sunlight shimmers through to foliage is a sublime experience.


The Gorilla Sanctuary Lodge is an exceptional place. While it doesn’t come cheap, the value from the experience by far exceeds the cost. The people are welcoming and warm, some of the most accommodating people we have ever met. We hope to return and experience is all again one day.

Our review is based on our stay June 2018.

STAR RATING (tourism industry score):

Accommodation Star FullAccommodation Star FullAccommodation Star FullAccommodation Star FullAccommodation Star Full


Accommodation Globe FullAccommodation Globe FullAccommodation Globe FullAccommodation Globe FullAccommodation Globe Full

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Sherriden Vade, otherwise known as Sherri, is the group’s photographer and pop culture expert. Travel and Photography is her passion so being able to capture these amazing memories is a dream come true. Like her husband, Sherri is an adventurer at heart and loves trying new things.


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    • Janiel Green
    • November 4, 2018

    This definitely looks fancy and luxurious, but I don’t know if I would be comfortable going as I’m still single……lol. Maybe I can just cuddle with the apes, lol.

  1. Reply

    I didn’t know you could visit a Gorilla camp. This sounds like a great trip for adventure travelers.

  2. Reply

    This sounds like a luxury lodge with the exotic activity of gorilla trekking! Would love to go!

  3. Reply

    I’ve always wanted to visit Africa and do a safari. I had no idea there were places like the Gorilla Sanctuary Lodge where you could do a Gorilla trek AND have a fantastic place to stay!

  4. Reply

    The lodge looks really gorgeous. A great tip that I’ll remember in any case. Thank you!

    • Amy
    • November 7, 2018

    It is straight out of my dreams! Uganda is next on my wishlist (primarily gorilla a trek), and it is places like this that call to my heart. That small scale accommodation that has you sitting around the fire sharing stories with others, I am in love with the intimacy of it! Would definitely look into staying here when we finally are able to make plans!

  5. Reply

    That. Looks. Sounds. Reads. Amazing!!!! What was the per night cost? Is there a best time to go? What other wildlife did you experience in and around the lodge? I have bookmarked this for future … sounds like a must-experience destination! Like Moosh, I might cry when it was time to leave too.

  6. Reply

    What a fabulous experience! Love the beds. Banana Gin, hmmm how did that taste? I love eco resorts. My only complaint is insects. Did you encounter any bites? I noticed the beds have nets. I totally get Moosh’s reaction. Sounds too good to leave.

    • Tara
    • November 8, 2018

    Sounds like a very luxurious place! Candlelight dinners, gorgeous views, and trekking with gorillas – I’m not sure if anything can top that!

  7. Reply

    I love to stay in places that make me feel like home, and this camp looks just like that. A private butler for each room is an amazing step these people do, great work.

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