Marsha Teslik (Moosh)

Marsha (Moosh) Teslik discovered travelling at the ripe old age of 15 with her first holiday to Japan as part of a school program. It wasn’t until she was 28 would she travel again, the desire was always there but the same as everyone else she thought she would not be able to afford to travel again.

Both she and FT decided to take a leap of faith while walking past Flight Centre and thought if we don’t do it now we may never do it. So a couple hours later they had booked a one-way flight to London scheduled to leave some 6 months later.

For anyone that has lived in London, you literally have mainland Europe on your doorstep and have the world at your feet. After 19 months of travelling, 18 Countries and countless Cities, Marsha left knowing that anything is possible once you decide to take the plunge. Travelling enriches your soul and opens your mind to all things that seem impossible.

Trying to settle back into Australia was harder than expected, but with planning a wedding and adapting to a different lifestyle it eventually became the norm. Naturally, after a wedding comes the honeymoon and the travel bucket begins to fill once more with exciting moments that will last a lifetime.

Asia was on the list for her Honeymoon, tying in a trip to meet some family in the Philippines. After this trip it was clear that travelling was something that she wanted to do for the rest of her days, waking up each morning knowing that there is so much out there that needs to be explored.

Marsha looks endlessly for flights and new places to explore. The following year they had booked to go the States to discover, San Fran, LA, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Chicago, NY and Washington DC. After Travelling with the Vades in Chicago and NY it was evident that the FF1W adventures had begun.

When Moosh isn’t travelling you will find her enjoying the Melbourne lifestyle consisting of brunches with her dog Ekko and FT of course, going for drives along the Great Ocean road and discovering the laneways in Melbourne. She does love to entertain but unfortunately does not get the chance to do it much anymore. Originally from Adelaide, she does make it back to her hometown quite regularly to catch up with family and friends and fill that emotional bucket that only your hometown can do.

The more she travels the more she is hooked and the more she realizes that travelling is life and it’s worth every sacrifice and worth every penny.

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