Frank Teslik (FT)

Frank FT Teslik discovered travelling at the age of 18 with his first holiday to Bali with the “boys”. That same trip was repeated the following year (albeit a little less glorious second time around). He had been working so hard to be able to travel again and the opportunity came up in 2004 to visit his Sister in Japan. What did he do? Resigned from work, booked a ticket and disappeared for 8 weeks managing also to get to South Korea and Hawaii. This trip was an eye-opener and ignited the flame to travel again (…and again…and again!)

With the above said, it was, in fact, the tenacity of (then future Wife) Moosh that led to the visit to Flight Centre where they decided to take a leap of faith and fulfil that dream of living and working in London. A couple of hours later they walked out with one-way tickets to London, scheduled to leave 6 months later.

For anyone that has lived in London, you literally have mainland Europe on your doorstep and have the world at your feet. After 19 months of travelling, 18 Countries and countless Cities, FT’s visa was up and had to head back to Australia with Moosh, leaving a little piece of his heart behind, hoping to visit and maybe live in Europe later in life.

For anyone that has lived in London will understand how difficult it is trying to settle back into Australia. He eventually got there knowing that travelling had not left his system but merely taken a step back – until the honeymoon that is.

Wanting to meet some of his family in the Philippines, he made sure that Moosh had tied in a visit to the Philippines, along with Thailand and Singapore. After the honeymoon, it was evident that travelling was

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something that he wanted to continue doing, with so many places to explore the world was merely teasing.

The following year Moosh had booked for them to go to the States to discover, San Fran, LA, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Chicago, NY and Washington DC. With the Vades surprising them in Chicago and then following on to NY, he knew then and there that a true adventure had begun – the adventures of FF1W.

Alas, travelling cannot be full time for all of us (sad face). Therefore, when FT is grounded in Melbourne he keeps himself amused (and abused) with home renovations and woodworking. He is creative with his hands, less so the mind (creativity is the Wife’s passion). The Discovery channel gets a lot of attention whether it be a Building how-to or a vic

arious trip to another place on earth. He loves his Cavoodle Ekko, he loves his Wife and he loves his food (6’2” 115kg…what!). Couch time snuggled with the Pooch, or walks along the foreshore boardwalk are simple pleasures that make him happy.

The more he discovers all the incredible cities and countries out there the more his feet get itchy…really itchy! Fair to say that travelling has become part of life and a life that has certainly enriched the soul. It can and will leave you feeling like you have discovered a little more of yourself.

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