About Us

You might be wondering who are Four Friends One World?

As an equation, simply put, we would be;

Anthony & Sherriden Vade + Frank & Marsha Teslik + Travel + Adventure = Four Friends One World.

But What ABOUT US?

We are a group of friends who are fortunate enough to share a love for travel, adventure, food……and of course each other.

A little background on us so you know who are dealing with;  

We are all Australian and as such we don’t tend to call one another by our first names, so please allow me to introduce the brains, the brawns and the beauties of this outfit.  

Anthony (Vade) Vade

– tech guru, history buff, random fact giver and webmaster

Sherriden (Sherri) Vade

– photography expert, open-air-enthusiast and snow angel

Frank (FT) Teslik

– architecture aficionado, on the day logistics and the resident clumsy guy

Marsha (Moosh) Teslik 

– itinerary expert, planner of destinations and animal lover

We are all Australian right? Well yes, all born in Adelaide, South Australia.  However, the Vades live in Toronto, Canada and the Tesliks reside in Melbourne, Australia.  At a lazy 16,258km (10,100 miles) apart, logistically you might think it would be hard to find places that are somewhat central or a destination that is a compromise.  It is true that there are scheduling, work-related or monetary challenges, but because we are all willing to travel anywhere and everywhere it really is no problem.  We plan for it, save for it, action it, enjoy it!

FT and Vade have been school besties since the early ‘90s and although general interests and careers have taken different paths the friendship (OK Bromance) remains strong!

As couples, FT and Moosh met back in 1999 and Vades and Sherri met in 2000.  

Our friendship is such that we don’t need to speak to one another every week or month.  In fact, we only see each other once a year, but with that said – when we do see each other it is, as they say, “like no time has passed”.  That is exactly what you want from a long time and long distance friendship.

Where did the passion for travel come from?

Sherri and Vade moved to Vancouver in 2008 and fell in love with the lifestyle, the food, the skiing and generally everything BC had on offer.  When the “end of Visa” man came knocking they returned to Adelaide.  For an entire year the desire to head back to Vancouver did not dissolve and after negotiating new work/visa contracts Vades and Sherri found themselves once again jet-setting one way!  They have not looked back since. In early 2018, they relocated to Toronto, Canada.

Moosh and FT booked one-way tickets for London in 2007.  “If we don’t book it now, we never will,” exclaimed Moosh.  Famous words that began an adventure of 17 countries in as many months!  Live, work, travel – Aberfeldy, Scotland for 3 months. No work, no home, just travel – Europe by car 3.5 months.  Live, work, continue traveling – based in London for over 1 year.  By late 2008 that ‘visa issue’ and the GFC saw a return to Australia.

It would be fair to say once we all experienced living and traveling overseas, taking in the sights, the sounds, the smells, the food, that the travel bug bit us and bit us hard.  And so here we are united as Four Friends One World.

Our aim is to see as much of this beautiful world as we can, it is a big, wide, beautiful world.  We have our bucket list and will hopefully, over time, cross off each and every city /country on that list.  Funnily enough, the list will no doubt continue to grow as we keep traveling, but since life, work, responsibilities and budget restraints can get in the way it’s one step at a time!

Our first travels together were back in 2011 when Moosh and FT had planned a 5 week trip to the USA.  The Vades had organised to meet in NYC, but did they have something else in mind?………. SURPRISE THE VADES ARE IN CHICAGO.  We like to surprise each other from time to time, it makes traveling extra fun!

If you share a like-minded passion for travel, adventure, food and great Friends, let us share the journeys of Four Friends One World with you.


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