Anthony Vade Snorkeling

Anthony Vade (Vade)

Anthony Vade, or just Vade as his friends call him, is the group’s tech geek and history buff. His tech bag generally weighs more than his clothing and he would not have it any other way.

An adventurer at heart, he is only happy when he is pushed out of his comfort zone. Trying a new food, activities or cultural experiences ignites a fire in his soul.

He started travelling at a young age taking frequent road trip visiting small-town Australia with his family.  As soon as he would walk he started snow skiing. A sport he loves and has informed many of his life choices. Including the decision, he and his wife Sherriden made when the moved to British Columbia, Canada. The initial decision was in pursuit of big mountain experiences but quickly evolved with improved access to other international destinations. They recently moved again, setting up home base in Toronto, Canada.

His first overseas trip was to New Zealand and the travel bug bit deep. He and Sherriden are very focused on seeing as much of the world as possible. Resulting in almost every life decision leading to more travel and how to find the resources to fund more travel.

His career in the live events technology industry has exposed him to some great travel opportunities and access to innovative technology for media production.  His role as an experience designer has him tailoring unique technology solutions to help event owners make connections with their audiences.  Understanding the importance of creating memorable experiences has contributed to his obsession with life-changing travel experiences.

Not content to just visit and view other cultures he studies them and then immerses himself as much as possible. Through this immersion, he hopes to gain better empathy and understanding of the differences and commonalities in the communities he visits.

Never a stronger writer, when the opportunity arose to start a blog with friends he embraced the chance to develop his skills. They say practice makes perfect and although mild dyslexia slows down his contribution, he enjoys it very much.

A passionate advocate for collaboration. He believes that combining great people with great experiences is the best way to improve the world. By learning, understanding and sharing the diverse human experience we can better share this planet with all people in more sustainable ways.


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