Planning Your Trip

You can not forget the two Ps.  Smart Planning and Packing. They are vital to a successful vacation.


Websites like Tripadvisor or lonelyplanet are a great place to start, even if you haven’t pinpointed where you are going, by reading other travellers experiences.  Once you have a shortlist of places you would like to visit, start looking at tours and try to gauge how much of a budget you would need.  Looking at websites like Viator or ToursByLocals will give you a great indication of dollars required.  ToursByLocals is a great tour website where you can arrange to have a passionate local take you on a guided tour of many different experiences, we had an unforgettable Mexico City architecture tour and cooking class with Heike A.

There are several things that we consider before deciding to go anywhere;

  • check the Bucket Lists
  • research where are the hottest places of the year
  • airfare sales
  • where can we afford to go this year
  • is going between ‘Peak’ seasons more affordable with a similar outcome
  • accrued Annual Leave/Vacation time from work (we often take unpaid leave which needs to be factored into costs)
  • can the holiday work around public/bank holidays to give ‘free’ days off work

So many factors need to be considered when deciding where the next adventure will be.  Believe it or not researching is what Moosh loves to do.  It gives her a mission to act on and an exciting outcome to achieve.   Often we can feel a need to visit somewhere just by looking at a picture or talking with friends.

There are so many different experiences and only you can decide what type of holiday you are looking for.  Will you be travelling in a group, with or without kids? Do you want some down time to relax by the pool with a cocktail in hand, outdoor adventure, big city lights…..combination?  Perhaps it is time to experience snow and winter activities like you’ve only dreamed, or does the idea of feeling white sand between your toes and watching colourful sunsets appeal?  It’s your call, you decide what part of the world you will discover next.


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