Sherri on the Reef

Sherriden (Sherri) Vade

Sherriden Vade, otherwise known as Sherri, is the group’s photographer and pop culture expert. Travel and Photography is her passion so being able to capture these amazing memories is a dream come true. Like her husband, Sherri is an adventurer at heart and loves trying new things.

Growing up, her family spent 12 years living in rural country towns in and around South Australia. Settling in Adelaide in her early teens, she didn’t get the full travel bug until she took her first overseas trip in 2004, bravely by herself! She travelled to the US and Canada and instantly fell in love with Vancouver. Little did she know that only 4 years later, she and her husband would be living there. Vancouver was where she first learnt to ski, a passion that she now shares with Vade. 10 years later, she is now a Canadian citizen and has recently moved to Toronto, Ontario.

Her passion for photography started early on. Studying photography after high school, live music and events became her focus. Collaborating with Vade and his work in the live event industry, she learnt many hands-on skills as a professional photographer. Once she started travelling it was natural that a camera would almost always be in her hands.

Not only does she love taking pictures, she loves playing video games, can make a mean cocktail and was once a Radio DJ and even interviewed some of Hollywood’s biggest stars!

While this project is a great way to continue her passion, it is also about growing and learning from the new experiences. She hopes that the memories and images shes shares with you, gives you the inspiration to get out there and create your own.


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